Protest against new third London airport, Hoggeston... - Martin Mayer, MM1805055.jpg

Protest against new third London airport, Hoggeston village, Buckinghamshire, 1979. An effergy of a bulldozer consuming rual communities being burnt. The campaign to oppose the proposal was headed by Wing Airport Resistance Association (WARA), led by Desmond Fennell, a barrister living in Winslow, and Bill Manning, an Aston Abbotts farmer. At its height, the Association claimed 61,000 signed-up members and raised £50,000 (nearly £300,000 at to-day's prices), with activities co-ordinated from an office in Leighton Buzzard. It was later acknowledged as the first major campaign for the environment. - Martin Mayer - 1979-12-16
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