MEXICO Avigahil Vasquez Sanchez sister of anti-mining... - David Bacon, DNB1210mx44.jpg

MEXICO Avigahil Vasquez Sanchez sister of anti-mining activist Bernardo Vasquez who was shot dead, allegedly murdered for actively opposing the presence of the Canadian company, Fortuna Silver Inc.s Trinidad Cuzcatlan silver and gold mine in their community in the Ocotlan valley. Residents opposed to the mine argue that processing silver and gold is water-intensive puts their local aquifers at risk. Standing with her in tears are the son and daughter of Bernardo Vasquez, Noe and Alejandra. Three others at the scene of the assassination of Vasquez were also shot and remain in serious condition. The HQ of the group resisting the mine is in her home. - David Bacon - 2012-10-10
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