1980 Famine in Africa

Animal Rights Protest 1980s

Anti racism 1980s

Anti-Apartheid Movement 1980s

Artists, Film, Writers, Composers, Theatre 1980s

Battle of Orgreave Miners Strike 1984

Birmingham Mosque 1987

Black Britain 1980s

Blaenau Ffestiniog slate miners strike 1986

Bombing of Libya Protests Upper Heyford USAF 1986

Brighton Bombing 1984

Brixton Riots 1980s

Brixton Riots 1981

Brixton, Broadwater Farm Riots London 1985

Broadwater Farm Riot London 1985

Bulgaria 1989

Car Industry and trades unions 1980s

China 1986

CND, Greenham Common and Cruisewatch 1980s

Coffee production Nicaragua 1984

Deindustrialisation 1980s

Dr Robert Runcie 1989

Durham Miners Gala 1980s

Economy 1980s

Education 1980s

Egypt 1984, Women Students

Environmental Protest

Fall of The Berlin Wall, German Reunification 1989

Far right 1980s

Feminism 1980s

First London Marathon 1981

Forensic Service 1989

Funeral of Bobby Sands, Northern Ireland 1981

Gardner Factory Occupation, Manchester 1980

Gay Rights 1980s

GCHQ Trades Union Ban 1980s

Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp 1980s

Handsworth Riots Birmingham 1985

Health unions 1980s

Henley Royal Regatta 1980s

Homeless, Crisis at Christmas 1980s

Housing and tenants 1980s

IRA bomb Conservative Party Grand Hotel Brighton 1984

Ken Livingstone 1980s

London Docklands closure and redevelopment 1980s

Margaret Thatcher 1980s

Margate Whit Monday bank holiday 1986

May Balls Cambridge 1983

Militant Tendency Labour Party 1980s

Milton Friedman arriving at Downing Street 1980

Miner's Strike 1984-1985 Editors' selection

Miner's Strike 1984-1985 from start to finish

Miner's Strike Comes To An End, March 1985

Mother Teresa speaking, London, 1981

New Cross Fire 13 dead, Deptford London 1981

NHS 1980s

Northern Ireland, The Troubles 1980s

Notting Hill Carnival 1980s

P&O Seafarers' Strike 1988-1989

Peoples March for Jobs 1980s

Politics 1980s

Poll Tax protests 1989

Prisons 1980s

Protest 1980-1983

Protest 1984-1986

Protest 1987-1989

Protest against anti gay law Clause 28 1989

Protest against the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, London 1982

RAF Molesworth Peace Camp 1980s No Cruise Missiles

Rate Capping, Lambeth, Liverpool and Abolition of the GLC

Rechem waste incineration plant Pontypool protest 1989

Refugees 1980s

Risley Remand Centre riots 1989

Robert Maxwell and SOGAT Park Royal London 1983

Sabra-Shatila Protest London 1982

Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie protest 1989

School pupils Strike Against Compulsory YTS Liverpool 1985

Sellafield nuclear plant Cumbria and waste 1980s

Simon Guttmann and Don Ross, Report London 1987

Socialist Society Conference Chesterfield 1987

Solidarnosc occupy the Lenin Shipyard Poland 1980

Squatter Movement London 1980s

Steel Industry and Trades Unions 1980s

Steel strike 1980

Stockport Messenger Dispute NGA 1983

Streets and life 1980s

The Big Bang deregulation of The City of London 1986

The People's March for Jobs 1983

Toxteth Riots Liverpool 1981

Trade Unions 1980-1983

Trade Unions 1984-1985 Not Miners Strike

Trade Unions 1986-1989

Unemployment 1980s

Vigil for AIDS victims London 1986

Wapping News International dispute 1986

Wealthy at a Point to Point Cotswolds 1980

Women Ambulance workers London 1989

Women's Right to Choose and Feminism 1980s

Youth Detention 1980s

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