Arts and Culture 1940s

Asparagus picking Evesham 1947

Author Andre Gide 1947

Battery Farmed Chickens, Yorkshire, 1948

Belgians fleeing Nazi Invasion 1940

Burtonwood USAF airbase Warrington 1949

Family of Jugglers Juggling Breakfast, 1948

Film set of Anna Karenina 1947

French National Lottery, Easter, 1949

Henri Matisse at the printers 1948

London School 1949

London Women's Parliament 1947

Munich Bier Theater Germany 1949

Pit villages County Durham 1948

Streets and Life 1940s

Therapy for war traumatised children Germany 1947

UN World Health Organisation programme Bosnia 1948

Well dressing Stoney Middleton Derbyshire

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