ABC Trial GCHQ Campaign 1978

Adventure Playgrounds, 1970s

Against the Social Contract 1970s

Agricultural workers against Tied Cottages 1975

Anna Scher Drama School Islington London 1973

Anti Apartheid Movement 1970s

Anti racism 1970s

Anti Vietnam War Protests 1970s

Appleby Horse Fair, Gypsy 1970s

Army and Police operation occupying Heathrow Airport 1974

Army Breaking Dustcart Drivers Strike Glasgow 1975

Arts and Culture 1970s

Assembling Concorde BAC Filton factory, Bristol 1974

Bangladesh independence protest 1971

Battle of Lewisham Anti Fascist Counter Protest NF 1977

Black Britain 1970s

Bloody Sunday 1972

Campaign for Homosexual Equality 1970s

Canvey Island protest the oil industry 1970s

Car Industry and Trade Unions 1970s

CIA Whistleblower Philip Agee Campaign 1976, 1977

Clay Cross Labour Council defy Rent Rise 1973

CND 1970s

Containerisation at the Ports 1970

Cornish Tin miners protest pit closures, London 1978

Council workers pay strike 1970

Covent Garden market London 1971

Death of Blair Peach 1979

Deselection of Labour MP Reg Prentice 1975

Docks strike 1972

Durham Miners Gala 1975 and 1974

Economy 1970s

Electrification of the Railway 1977

Equal Pay Strike Magnavox 1977

Equal pay strike,Trico, London 1976

Erin Pizzey, First Domestic Violence Shelter, London 1970s

Factory occupations 1970s

Far right, Enoch Powell, Smithfield Porters 1970s

Feminism 1970s

Firefighters pay strike 1977

Flixborough chemical plant disaster 1974

Ford Pay Strike 1971

Ford Strike 1978

Foyles Bookshop London 1975

Gay News blasphemy trial, Old Bailey, London 1977

George Davis is Innocent OK 1975

Grunwick union recognition dispute London 1976-1978

Gypsies 1970s

Harrods Low Pay Strike London 1978

Helen Brunner teaching Suzuki Violin London, 1970

Henley Royal Regatta 1970s

Hounslow Hospital Occupation 1977

Housing, Clay Cross, Squatting, 1970s

Hull Prison Riot 1976

Imperial Typewriters Factory Occupation Against Closure, Hull 1975

Imperial Typewriters Strike, Leicester, 1974

Industrial Relations Act 1971

Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland 1977

Jack Jones TGWU 1970s

Jeremy Thorpe Trial for Conspiracy to Murder, 1979

Lofthouse colliery disaster 1973

London Docks 1970

Majority Rule for Zimbabwe Now protest, London 1972

Markham Main Colliery disaster 1970

Mary Whitehouse 1970s

Miners Pithead Ballot Snowdon Colliery Kent 1976

Miners strike 1972

Miners strike 1974

Miners, South Wales 1972

Muhammad Ali visiting UK 1974 and 1975

National Pensioners Convention 1970s

Nationwide Festival of Light London 1971

NHS Trade Unions 1970s

No To The Common Market 1970s

Northern Ireland, The Troubles 1970s

Notting Hill Carnival & riots London 1970s

NUM ballot Snowdon Colliery 1976

Occupation of LSE Against Fees, London 1977

Pensioners protests 1973, 1976

Pentonville Five & Dock strike 1972

Politics 1970s

PORK by Andy Warhol, Roundhouse Theatre London 1971

Protest 1970s

Protest against Soviet Psychiatric Abuses 1970s

Protest against the execution of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto 1979

Protest at Military Coup in Cyprus 1974

Protests Supporting the Iranian Revolution 1979

Red Lion Square Anti Fascist Protest 1974

Right to Work Campaign 1970s

Rome Italy 1976

Royal Ascot Races, 1970s

Save Biafra London 1970 torchlit protest

Save the Whale, Friends of the Earth lobby 1976

School Pupil Strike London 1970s

Seacoalers Northumberland 1977

Send Youth Detention Centre, Woking, Surrey 1979

Shrewsbury Pickets 1970s

Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 1977

Southall Riot London 1979

Southall Riots London 1976

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